The Bamboo Carport

Just recently completed, the carport is our latest structure made from our own Maui-grown bamboo poles! It is a 20′ x 20′ plan and serves as a home to Georgia and Polu (the 2 cars on the farm).

The structure uses a stainless steel strap as a fastener and is designed as a pre-fabricated kit that can be shipped and easily installed on site. The joinery technique was developed by our designer, Yuliya Bentcheva, as part of her graduate thesis work. It was inspired by the traditional ‘passing joint’ and lashing method, but modernized by the use of a metal strap to provide a stronger and longer lasting connection. We are currently working on a portfolio of auxiliary kit structures to be used for sport and farming equipment, outdoor space covers, storages etc.

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Please feel free to contact us for possible projects and thank you for choosing bamboo! 

Yuliya Bentcheva   |   |   808.248.7561


  1. sir. i am very interested in all your bamboo structures. i would like to get more knowledge about it.

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