Hirose Part II

After having a tasty breakfast, featuring fresh pumpkin bread prepared by our new chef, we headed out to the Bambusa hirose grove again to continue with our trimming. With some coaxing we got our generator to work, and used the Sawzall (or reciprocating saw) to speed up our work.

There were many lower branches to deal with today. Bamboo branches when it has sunlight; if sun reaches the lower sections of the culm then we get to struggle through the branches to do our work. Since we’re only around five years into our bamboo growth, we’re fighting lower branches a bit more than we hope to in the future: once a tall canopy is established in the grove then our work will be much easier, as the sunlight will only reach the tops of the clumps.

In two weeks we’ll return to the hirose grove. We’ll select the straighter culms to trim down to poles (we sell poles to customers throughout the islands as well as the mainland). The remainder gets thrown to the chipper to create new bamboo mulch.

Here’s something cool: Hirose is a Japanese word. According to Wikipedia, two of its definitions are vast, as in a vast landscape, and the space created when one draws a bow. Pretty neat.

We’ve also included a photo of our trusty Mule, which takes us and our gear all over our 180-acre property.

All photos © 2010 Dan Bloch

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