Teak Trimming

We trimmed one of our main groves of teak today. Teak, or Tectona grandis, is a popular but overused hardwood, and one of our tropical hardwoods here at the farm. Despite its popularity, you shouldn’t buy anything made from teak, since not all sustainably harvested woods are actually sustainably harvested. This is our first generation of trees here, and we’re growing them mainly to create a canopy for the second and third generations, which will be better suited to sustainable harvesting for furniture and other uses.

We learned the proper trimming technique before heading out to the field, with some help from PlantAmnesty.org. Here’s a link for those who’d like to read more.

After taking a mid-morning break, we headed further up the farm to pull out any stray guavas or rubber trees and checked on our young durians.

We finished the morning with a visit to our secret swimming hole that still has water, even though we haven’t had a good rain since Thanksgiving.

All photos © 2010 Dan Bloch

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