Garden Maintenance

Today was a garden maintenance day. With the help of the apprentices, we cleared and mulched the hill near the farmhouse, cutting down pigeon pea, gliricidia, and haole koa, all nitrogen fixers, and ti leaf and vitiver grass. We then placed the cuttings around the drip line of our fruit trees, including mango, papaya, coconut, starfruit, lychee, star apple, jaboticaba, the Malama variety of avocado, abiu (a custard like fruit), tangelo, and ice cream bean.

After a short break snacking on lilikoi (passion fruit), we did some gardening and weeding, trimming asparagus, topping basil, and pulling weeds out from around our amazon peanut, mispoona, taro, dill, beet, carrots, cilantro, parsley, broccoli, and squash.

All photos © 2010 Dan Bloch

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